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Brick Mason, Orlando, FL

At Premier Brick Mason Orlando, we know that homes are not just made of beams and bricks, but they are also made of dreams and memories. Our masonry company believes that every masonry construction project we take is an opportunity to better the lives of the families and communities we serve.

Premier Brick Mason Orlando is your number one choice for brick masonry services in Orlando, Florida, and its neighboring areas. We cover a wide range of masonry work from repointing to tuckpointing. Our team of professionals consists of the best masonry contractors in Orlando with years of experience in the construction and masonry business.

As the leading Orlando mason company, we offer top-notch masonry services at reasonable prices. We specialize in providing custom brick projects that will surely showcase the homeowner’s personality into their homes.

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Retaining Wall

Patio pavers

Driveway pavers

Brick mailbox

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation

Tuck Pointing

Retaining Wall, Orlando, FL

If your home or a structure in your property is located downhill or sits on a sliding hill, you’ll need a retaining wall. They are used to support soil laterally and retain the soil levels on two different sides. However, several factors, such as outdoor temperature changes and moisture, can quickly ruin a poorly built retaining wall.

At Premier Brick Mason Orlando, we built every retaining wall without leaving any stone unturned. Our commercial masonry contractors in Orlando carefully assess and layout every brick and mortar to ensure that it can weather the elements. We also make sure that pressure from the stones is distributed correctly to last for years to come.

Whether you want a stone retaining wall for gardening purposes or as a supporting structure to your property, we are the right stonemason experts to call. We also specialize in building different retaining walls such as cantilever, anchored earth, gravity type, and sheet pile. Moreover, we, too, do Orlando brick wall repair and restoration projects within your budget.

stone retaining wall enclosing patio area

Patio Pavers, Orlando, FL

Patio pavers

Premier Brick Mason Orlando also offers several patio design and repair services. We know how much people love hanging out on the patio, especially during the summer months. Hence, we wanted to make our customers extra comfortable by creating and maintaining decks with brick pavers that are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional at the same time.

We have a wide range of patio pavers design that will give it the natural stone look. Moreover, you can also choose other patio flooring options such as concrete, gravel, and brick to personalize your courtyard or deck further. Our team can also install brick flooring to give your home that rustic and contemporary look.

Let us help you make your patio with a fantastic view and one that will be enjoyable for you and your guests.

Driveway Pavers, Orlando, FL

If you need advice on what driveway pavers look best, we are the best ones to consult on such matters. Unlike other stone or brick structures, driveway pavers need to be more durable and longer-lasting to take on the weight of cars and vehicles that move above them every day.  

We only use the best brick pavers that can withstand several tons of weight and harsh weather systems. Many of the pavers we use are also stain-resistant and are readily available should you need them for minor repairs. 

Furthermore, our company also offers Orlando masonry repair services for your driveway. We can quickly fix brick cracks and other similar problems.

Driveway pavers.

Brick Mailbox, Orlando, FL

Brick mailbox

Premier Brick Mason Orlando can also do tons of masonry related projects. However, we pride ourselves in making brick mailboxes. Nothing says nostalgia than an eye-catching mailbox made of colorful bricks. We’re sure that everyone will notice this structure outside your house, especially the mailman.

Our company also has a catalog of brick mailboxes you can choose from. Or you can also give us your ideas of a personalized Orlando brick mailbox, and we will do our best to turn it into reality. Besides making sure it’s structurally sound and stable, we also see that your mailbox retains its functionality.

We also have experts in the landscape business who can give you recommendations on what brick mailbox color or design will best suit your yard. Moreover, our company also offers brick mailbox repair and brick restoration services as part of our commitment to preserving masonry.

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Masonry Repair, Orlando, FL

Nothing can prevent the wear and tear but proper maintenance. Hence, we offer masonry repair services of anything that is made of bricks, mortar, or stones. Our comprehensive masonry restoration projects include fireplace brick repair, brick wall repair, and chimney repair.

We also have a team of certified local masonry contractors who specialize in different masonry structures and are equipped with the latest repair tools and equipment. Their years of experience have also honed their skills and knowledge to repair even the most delicate restoration projects.

Whether you own a historical brick ancestral home or need a simple brick flooring repair, we got you covered.

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation, Orlando, FL

Brick Veneer installation

We know that masonry services can be expensive for some homeowners. Fortunately, an alternative option is much cheaper but can also give you the same look as a well-laid brick wall. Hence, we offer brick veneer installation services for any residential and commercial properties.

Unlike concrete bricks that need to be installed while the house is still under construction, you can add a brick veneer even after it is built. Aside from being more affordable, brick veneers also provide better insulation and are easier to install since only a single layer.

Aside from walls, we can also perform brick veneer installation in Orlando in your walkway and outside walls. We can also put them even in other unlikely places like a tiny mobile house. Before deciding if it’s the right move for you, consult with us first to give you professional advice.

Tuck Pointing, Orlando, FL

If you want a crisper visual look for your brick wall or chimney, we urge you to try our tuckpointing service. This masonry technique fills the gap between brick and mortar by using contrasting colors. Hence, it would be hard to notice where the brick begins, and the mortar ends.  

We also offer Orlando brick repointing services where the damaged mortar is replaced with a fresh one for that uniform finish. Doing so will protect your chimney or brick wall from the elements and extend its lifespan by another twenty years or more.

Our masons and contractors can also perform pointing services that correct finish off joints or defects in newly built masonry. Their technique and knowledge will ensure that the mortar joint will be waterproof and survive harsh heat and moisture elements.

Tuck Pointing

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For most people, their home is the most significant investment in their lifetime. Hence, you must do everything to ensure that it will be convenient to live in and hopefully last for a long time to house the next generation.

Will Smith said it best in an interview when he said: “I do not have to build a perfect wall today. I just have to lay a perfect brick.”

Premier Brick Mason Orlando believes in the same principle when we do business. We consider every customer a brick that serves as the foundation of where we are today and where we will be in the future.

Do you need a professional team of masons to build or repair any brick, mortar, or stone-related structures? Don’t hesitate to call the Premier Brick Mason Orlando and get the best quote on this side of Florida.

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