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Brick structures can last for several generations. One of the prime examples is the historic Carroll Building right here in Apopka, FL. It’s been around since 1932 and looks pristine for a building that is more than 80 years old.

At Premier Brick Mason, we offer our customers brick masonry installation and masonry repair services such as chimney repair at reasonable prices. We believe that masonry structures should be preserved so that the next few generations can also enjoy and use them. The only way to prolong the life of brick and stonework is through proper maintenance. If you are looking for masonry contractors with experience in all facets of brick masonry, look no further.  As local masonry contractors serving Apopka, we handle all your masonry needs.

Masonry Services We Offer in Apopka

Retaining Wall

Patio pavers

Driveway pavers

Brick mailbox

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation

Tuck Pointing

If you need brick mortar repair or masonry construction, you can always count on our hardworking masonry contractors. Whether it’s your stone retaining wall or old brick chimney that needs to be restored, we’re ready to take on any task, big or small.

Some of the staple masonry services that we offer for residents of Apopka, FL and nearby areas include:

Retaining Wall, Apopka, FL

Retaining walls are designed to prevent the soil’s lateral pressure and keep any material from sliding away. They can keep the aesthetics and value of your property. If you need a retaining wall built or brick wall repair  on your property, we are the right masonry company for the job. We use only the best materials for the job and provide quality work to the best of our abilities. We can also build a stone retaining wall that meets the aesthetics of your home or business.

stone retaining wall enclosing patio area

Patio Pavers, Apopka, FL

Patio pavers

Patios require different kinds of brick pavers from the rest of your home. It needs to have the right smoothness so people can walk on them without the fear of slipping. We can help you choose the suitable patio paver shape and color for your project.

Driveway Pavers, Apopka, FL

Driveways deteriorate faster when several vehicles ran through them daily. If you see cracks or chipping on your brick driveway, we can fix them. We can also install stone pavers and use other materials such as concrete and cobblestone. You can also choose the design of the driveway pavers from the color of the brick pavers to its patterns.

Driveway pavers.

Brick Mailbox, Apopka, FL

Brick mailbox

Sometimes a pole mailbox isn’t just enough to decorate your front yard. To give your property more character, you can try our brick mailbox service. As masonry contractors servicing Apopka, we  can create mailboxes of different designs from the gable top to planter boxes. Your guests and the mailman will surely appreciate seeing this masterpiece.

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Masonry Repair, Apopka, FL

Aside from construction services, we also do brick repair work for any masonry structures. Our team of  brick masons has the right tools and training for any brick repair, brick mortar repair, chimney repair, fireplace brick repair, and repointing brickwork.

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation, Apopka, FL

Brick Veneer installation

You don’t have to pay a premium if you want to enjoy a brick wall’s aesthetics in your property. With brick veneer installation, we can use cut thin brick tiles or stone panels instead of the traditional bricks. Our masons can also install them using different brick bond patterns such as Stack Bond and Dutch Corner.

Tuck Pointing, Apopka, FL

Not to be confused with repointing, tuckpointing involves removing and refilling old mortar joints to prolong the masonry structure’s lifespan. This method is essential for brick crack repair and masonry restoration of your chimneys.

Tuck Pointing

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Not all brick masonry companies in Apopka, FL, have the tools and personnel to do quality masonry work. Premier Brick Mason Orlando has separated itself from the competition by offering professional masonry services that could satisfy even our most sophisticated clients.

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