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Brick Mailbox, Orlando, FL

Wouldn’t it be nice to check your mail not on a mailbox that hangs on a pole, but instead in a sturdy brick mailbox? Your mailman will surely appreciate it, and it can become an ornament to your front yard.

A brick mailbox is easily noticeable and can be a great place to put your house number. Moreover, since they are built from durable materials, they can resist any weather or elements, ensuring your mail or package is sound and safe.

When it comes to brick wall repair, Premier Brick Mason Orlando is a brick masonry company you can count on. We have a wide selection of brick mailbox designs and materials you can choose from. Our masons can also offer stone retaining wall, brick veneer installation, and masonry repair services.

Brick Mailbox Designs

Brick mailboxes have been around for almost more than a century now. The first-ever brick mailbox was built a few years after the first letterbox introduced by the US Postal Service was introduced in 1858. Since then, several mailboxes have become more popular such as:

Standard Arch

Easily recognizable because of their semi-circle shape, this brick mailbox is also called a round top brick mailbox. To get the perfect rounded shape, masons usually employ precision brick cuts using a diamond-tipped masonry saw. Availing our repointing brick services can prolong the lifespan of your brick mailboxes.

Steeple Top

You can easily spot a steeple top mailbox because they are shaped like a house. It’s much easier to create than the standard arch because you won’t have to trim the top layer. However, the real challenge in making one is filling the gaps between the top layer and the flat layer below.

Flat Brick Top

As the name suggests, the top of this mailbox is flat. It's simple top finish can be accentuated by laying bricks on the side to show a difference between the top and base. This brick mailbox is also easy to create and only requires proper spacing between the bricks.

Eyebrow Arch

Think of this as something between a flat top and a standard arch. While it has a curved top, it's not as rounded and has a smaller semi-circle. Hence, the name eyebrow. Masons also use diamond blade masonry saw when making this brick mailbox.

Gable Top

This brick mailbox design has a step high arch that is pointy at its top. Unlike the arch and eyebrow top, this one does not need precise fitting, and bricks can be cut without complicated tools.

Projecting Courses

A projecting course brick mailbox has added horizontal layers, which adds definition to the structure. By flatly laying the bricks, it increases the depth and dimension of the mailbox.

Planter Boxes

These can have any of the brick mailbox designs above, but with an inclusion of a box meant to accommodate flowers or other plants. The box section is also built with a concrete foundation to ensure its structural stability. Aside from the top, brick mailboxes can also have varying base designs. Step up and quoin corners, for example, have several indents that either goes in or come out of the base. Then there’s the classic arched base and the unique spiral base. Over time, these brick mailboxes needs tuck pointing and repointing to ensure that they will last for generations Furthermore, you might also want to integrate other elements such as a newspaper holder and house number plates. Newspaper holders come in different shapes, but the more popular ones are circular and square holes. Meanwhile, house number plates can be made of cast stone, brass, or even vinyl. Brick mailboxes can also complement the brick pavers, patio pavers, and driveway pavers in your yard.

Brick Mailbox Builder in Orlando

Building a brick mailbox often requires the proper tools and a bit of skill, significantly when cutting the bricks and placing mortar between them. The brick structure itself also has to conform to the shape of the metal mailbox.

If you ever find yourself in need of masonry repair, not just brick mailbox installation, you may want to consider Premier Brick Mason Orlando. Our company offers a broad range of masonry services such as building a retaining wall, fireplace brick repair, chimney repair and tuckpointing.

We also do masonry restoration services for any brick or stone structure. Whether it’s repointing brickwork or just a simple mortar repair, our local masonry contractors are up to the task. Furthermore, we can also put up brick veneer walls as an alternative to the classic brick walls.

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