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Brick Veneer Installation, Orlando, FL

Let’s face it. Brick walls are much more relaxed than your average concrete or wooden fence. However, brick walls are more expensive and harder to build because it requires a load-bearing foundation.

Fortunately, you can use a brick veneer to achieve that classic brick wall look without breaking the bank. Using thin bricks that can be integrated into any drywall or retaining wall, anyone can have a brick wall installed anywhere in your house or office.

Premier Brick Mason Orlando offers brick veneer installation on top of its many brick repair projects. We also cater to personalized brick veneer projects that fit your needs and budget. If you ever need other masonry repair services such as tuck pointing and repointing brick, we are also up to the task.

What Type of Brick Veneer Should You Choose?

There are several brick veneer designs that you can choose for your wall, but they generally fall under two categories. They are:

Traditional Brick Siding

This type of veneer uses full-size bricks joined with a mortar and tied to a frame wall using anchor ties. The bricks are laid in the same way that most solid brick projects are done. However, the brick siding only has a single layer of bricks and does not offer structural support.

Brick Tile

Instead of using a single layer of bricks, this option utilizes thin brick pieces made from clay or concrete roughly ⅝ to ¾ inch thick. These are known as brick tiles and are similarly shaped like any regular ceramic tile. Using thin-set mortar or adhesive, they are glued to the same pattern as any ordinary brick wall. The finishing touches require filling the spaces between the tiles with grout or mortar to give that joint mortar look.

Installing Brick Veneer

Full-size brick veneers can be constructed using the same principles as laying a brick wall. The base must first be flashed to prevent any moisture. The bricks are then placed on top of a ledge integrated into the concrete footings or concrete foundation walls. The mason also uses superior insulation, sheathing, plywood, and building paper to cover the framed wall.

The installer can then proceed with trowelling mortar into the foundation base before putting the bricks’ first course. Leads are also placed at the end of the walls to mark the desired height and establish wall planes. When the first layer of bricks is laid, weep holes are produced on top of the metal flashing, which will allow water to escape from the wall.

Finally, when the veneer goes up, they anchor the brick structure to the sheathing using brick anchors or metal wall ties. Most anchors are installed with a spacing of two feet horizontally and need to be present every four courses.

Meanwhile, installing brick tiles on drywalls requires a different approach since you are likely to use adhesive. It’s also advisable that you don’t install them in drywall areas that don’t have wall studs. Thin brick tiles can easily be knocked off from drywalls, especially when hit with a heavy object.

Your mason may also use metal grid panels to make it easier for them to attach the brick tiles. Once all the tiles are in place, mortar is applied between them to give it that classic brick wall design. Finally, the surface of the wall needs to be sanded to achieve a smoother finish.

Brick Veneer Installation Service in Orlando, FL

The great thing about brick veneers is they can be set up in several ways using brick bond patterns. The mason can also use a tile cutter to create smaller bricks, making Flemish Bond, English Bond, Dutch Corner, Stack Bond, and other common wall brick bonds.

Premier Brick Mason Orlando is your prime choice for any masonry service if you need a brick veneer installation service. Aside from installing brick tiles and stone panels, we also do other masonry work such as chimney repair and repointing brickwork.

We can also build a stone retaining wall and install driveway pavers to complete your front yard. Our company can also repair brick pavers and patio pavers at your desired schedule. 

Our team of masonry contractors are well-equipped and have years of experience to draw on. We also do brick wall repair in a manner that minimizes distraction and noise so you can still experience your regular daily routines.

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