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This will not come as a surprise, but your driveway deteriorates much faster than any part of your home. Cars and other vehicles often drive on them almost regularly leading to cracks and fractures. If you ever need someone to install or repair your driveway pavers, Premier Brick Mason Orlando can help you sort things out.

Your driveway is one of the first few things you will interact with whenever you arrive or leave home. Consequently, it’s also what your guests will notice, especially if it’s their first time visiting your residence. Hence, you might want to install or repair your driveway pavers to make it look pleasing and safe to drive.

For these reasons, our brick mason company has made it our priority to offer tuckpointing, repointing, and masonry restoration services that can bring back your home’s beauty and functionality. Aside from brick flooring installation, we also do other masonry repair services like brick wall repair and fireplace brick repair.

Our company also installs stone retaining wall and brick veneer. We also do brick repair and masonry repair at your most convenient schedule.

What are Driveway Pavers?

Most driveway floorings are made from asphalt or concrete. However, they might be a bit boring for some homeowners as they are too familiar. If you want your driveway to be different from your neighbors, you can use unconventional materials such as stone slabs and bricks as flooring.

Pavers often refer to the materials used in brick masonry projects such as driveways, walls, patio pavers, and more. Because they are made from stones or bricks with different colors and textures, they offer more flexible design options.

Additionally, unlike concrete or asphalt, pavers are permeable. They often have sand-filled between their joints, which absorbs rainwater into the ground rather than allowing it to be washed away into the street.

Some of the most readily available driveway paver options include:


These pavers are made from quarried stone blocks and are considered the most durable of all paver materials. When properly maintained, a driveway flooring made of cobblestones can last for a century or even longer. The earthly tones of cobblestones are also quite attractive, especially when surrounded by a properly maintained lawn. However, they have a rougher surface than other pavers, which might limit the way you can use your driveway. While you can safely drive your car into it, other activities such as basketball might not be as pleasant when done in a cobblestone driveway.

Brick Pavers

You can also use pavers made from molded and baked clay bricks. They are more affordable than cobblestones and can last for several decades. Bricks are also quite durable and have 12,000 lbs per square inch of strength rating. Hence, they can take on even heavier vehicles like large SUVs or full-size pickups. One of the issues with brick pavers, however, is their vulnerability to the elements. Wear and constant exposure to rainwater can cause bricks to flake and eventually disintegrate. However, damaged bricks can easily be replaced with new ones without removing a large portion of the driveway.

Concrete Pavers

Not to be confused with poured concrete, these pavers are made from molded concrete shaped into bricks. They are the most popular material for paver driveways because they tend to last longer than brick pavers at a much cheaper cost. When taken care of properly, their lifespan can reach between 25 to 50 years. Additionally, they have a strength rating of 8,000 lbs per square inch. They are much stronger than solid concrete slabs and can take on smaller vehicles like sedans and vans. However, they often don’t have the natural tones that bricks and cobblestones have.

Driveway Pavers and Masonry Services in Orlando

Installing driveway pavers has several processes that can be time-consuming and require some knowledge in masonry. You need to lay the base and build the edging forms before leveling the surface and placing the pavers. After this, you need to fill the gaps and seal the surface. The entire process can take a week or two, depending on the size of your driveway.

For such reasons, you may want to hire professional masonry contractors rather than doing the project yourself. Furthermore, sourcing all the materials and designing the driveway can be quite detailed if you don’t have any construction background.

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