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Brick Mason, Lake Nona, FL

Brick structures have a certain appeal that you won’t see in any concrete buildings. However, constructing or repairing one can be quite challenging, even for those with some training. If you need top-quality masonry service, trust only a professional company like Premier Brick Mason Orlando.

We are the leading masonry contractor in and around Lake Nona, FL. Our company offers a complete list of masonry services from joint mortar repair to repointing brickwork.

Masonry Services We Offer in Lake Nona

Retaining Wall

Patio pavers

Driveway pavers

Brick mailbox

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation

Tuck Pointing

If you need brick mortar repair or any brick masonry construction, you can always rely on our hardworking personnel. Whether it’s your old brick house or stone retaining wall that needs to be reconstructed, we’re ready to take on even the most challenging projects.

Some of the masonry installation or repair services that we offer to our local customers include:

Retaining Wall, Lake Nona, FL

Building or repairing a retaining wall can be quite challenging, especially if you have little to no masonry knowledge. Our company has made different kinds of retaining walls such as panel walls and gabion mesh walls for years. We use only the best materials for the job, and our masons are relentless in their craft.

stone retaining wall enclosing patio area

Patio Pavers, Lake Nona, FL

Patio pavers

Patio pavers come in different patterns, textures, colors, and designs, making them the ideal patio flooring option for residential or commercial properties. We can install brick pavers over existing concrete pool decks using a special remodeling paver designed for your pool enclosure. Our company can construct pool decks, outdoor kitchens, and even walkways to complete your patio experience. 

Driveway pavers, Lake Nona, FL

While concrete and asphalt are popular driveways, you may want to consider alternative options like bricks and cobblestones. These driveway pavers have sand-filled joints that absorb rainwater so they won’t wash away into the street. Our masonry company can install or repair driveway pavers so they can serve you for years to come.

Driveway pavers.

Brick Mailbox, Lake Nona, FL

Brick mailbox

Brick mailboxes have been around for more than a hundred years now, but they remain one of the most popular decorations for any property. You, too, can have your brick mailbox when you avail of our services. Our masons can work on different designs, such as projecting courses and eyebrow arch.  

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Masonry Repair, Lake Nona, FL

There are several processes and techniques under service. Masonry patching, for example, uses concrete patches to seal small cracks and dents. Meanwhile, coping stone resetting removes the loose rocks before the affected area is filled with new mortar. Our company has a complete list of masonry restoration services that can help extend the life of your brick walls and chimneys.

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation, Lake Nona, FL

Brick Veneer installation

Using the same principles of laying a brick wall, we offer a more affordable brick veneer installation option. Using cut thin brick tiles or stone panels to replace traditional bricks, you can now enjoy incredible masonry work in your property. Our masons can also use conventional patterns like Flemish Bond and Dutch Corner to achieve that classic masonry design.

Not to be confused with repointing, this process involves removing the old mortar joint and refilling them with a new one. Once the mortar joint has been replaced, the mason also has to apply the right finishing touches to make sure it does not take away the original brick wall’s pristine.

Tuck Pointing

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What separates Premier Brick Mason Orlando is our commitment to provide only top quality masonry work using the best of our abilities. We have a long track record of satisfied clients– both from the commercial and residential sectors.

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