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Structures built with masonry require maintenance every once in a while to ensure they will last long. Natural materials such as granite, stone, marble, limestone, and concrete may be durable, but even they deteriorate over time. To preserve any masonry structure’s beauty and functionality, you need masonry repair services from a reputable company.

At Premier Brick Mason Orlando, we offer a wide array of masonry work from chimney repair, fireplace brick repair, and repointing brick walls. We could help if you noticed any crumbling mortar, brick discoloration, cracked bricks, or any wear and tear. Our team of dedicated local masonry contractors are trained and well-equipped to handle all brick repair issues.

Whether you need to fix your brick driveway pavers or repair your stone retaining wall, our brick mason team can fix them in no time. They also can perform masonry restoration projects, especially for old buildings that have historical value. 

Our Masonry Repair Services in Orlando

When it comes to masonry repair, we offer numerous services. Through wear and tear, masonry structures, like driveway pavers, often develop several issues that can threaten not only its aesthetics but also its structural integrity.

Your brick patio pavers and brick pavers may require any or a combination of these masonry services to prevent these problems from escalating:


This masonry technique is used to fill gaps between brick veneer and mortar, be it on walls or chimneys, so their colors match each other. Meaning the mortar joints can significantly reduce the bricks' deterioration rate and prevent water from seeping behind it. Tuck pointing can get messy, especially when you have to grind the joints, leading to a dust storm.


The process of renewing the outer part or pointing of mortar joints is called repointing. The mortar that sits between individual bricks' joints needs to be repacked to maintain its good condition. Repointing brick also requires tools such as a cement mixer, chisel, pointing trowel, and a soft brush. A good repointing job can last for 50 years or more.

Masonry Patching

Using a multi-purpose concrete patch, you can seal off dents and small cracks with quick-drying concrete. This might be a simple task, but you need the right slurry or patching mortar to resist most weather conditions. Additionally, not all chipped or damaged bricks can be fixed with this method.

Coping Stone Resetting

Sometimes a stone retaining wall or other similar structure gets loose over time. Resetting the coping stones is usually one of the best ways to repair it. This step requires you to first remove the loose rocks before filling the affected area with mortar. You will need a hammer and chisel to extract the stones.

Edge Spall Repair

Spalling or cracking usually occurs on surfaces exposed to heavy loads, such as your brick driveway pavers. This damage can be repaired with a partial-depth patch if it's three inches from the main crack or a full-depth patch if the spall is larger. Roughness and loss of debris on the pavement are indicators that it's an advanced joint deterioration that needs to be fixed the soonest.

Retaining Wall Reconstruction

Retaining walls can be made from various materials such as concrete blocks, landscaping tiles, bricks, natural rocks, and manufactured stones. Repairing one can be complicated as it may require foundation repairs that involve anchoring the retaining wall to stand upright. The last resort will be to demolish the wall if it’s already too damaged for brick wall repair.

Brick Chimney Repair

Brick chimneys are often vulnerable to racks and loose stones since they are exposed to hot temperatures. Professionals can do chimney masonry repair procedures based on the nature and extent of the damage. Some methods include repointing the brick mortar, patching the cracks with sealant, and replacing cracked bricks on your brick chimney.

Mason Repair Services in Orlando

Does your chimney have any damage or issues that need to be fixed immediately? Premier Brick Mason Orlando offers a comprehensive fireplace brick repair that will restore your chimneys’ pristine and functional features.

Our team of experienced masons can suggest the best repair method based on their damage assessment. We also work around your busy schedule. . Moreover, we offer the most competitive quotes while guaranteeing quality work all year around.

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