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Nothing is more satisfying than watching the brick structure patterns– bet it walls, driveways, and even mailboxes. However, installing or repairing them can be quite a hassle for regular homeowners.

Fortunately, local masonry contractors like Premier Brick Mason Orlando can do all the masonry work for you. Our company offers a wide range of masonry services such as repointing brickwork and mortar joint repair. We serve Oviedo, FL, and surrounding areas.

Masonry Services We Offer in Oviedo

Retaining Wall

Patio pavers

Driveway pavers

Brick mailbox

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation

Tuck Pointing

If you ever find yourself needing a stone mason, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are one of the leading mason companies in Florida with years of experience in this industry. Whether you need someone to fix the bricklayer or a simple fireplace brick repair, no brick masonry job is too big or small for us.

We also offer some of the common masonry repair or installation services, such as:

Retaining walls can keep not only the beauty of your property but its value as well. We can build different types of retaining walls, such as gravity walls and panel walls. Our masons are committed to our customers’ safety and will consult you with the whole build process. We build stone retaining walls as well as brick retaining walls.

stone retaining wall enclosing patio area
Patio pavers

We can all agree that a patio is a fantastic place because it provides the outdoors’ excitement with the comfort of the indoors. Brick pavers for patio flooring can accentuate the beauty of your yard through a wide selection of designs, patterns, and materials. Aside from installing patio pavers, we also do repairs when necessary. 

Driveways deteriorate faster than any part of your home since cars weighing a couple of tons or more pass on them regularly. To ensure that it won’t get cracks and fractures ever so often, we can help you choose the right driveway pavers. If you already have one installed, we can also fix any damage it incurred over the years.

Driveway pavers.
Brick mailbox

Replace your boring pole mailbox with a more sturdy brick mailbox. Choose from a wide selection of designs such as steeple top, standard arch, planter boxes, and more. If you already have a brick mailbox, but it has damages, we can also do brick mortar repair.

Premier Brick Mason Services is in Your Range

Although brick walls and other masonry structures could last several lifetimes, it needs maintenance once in a while. We can do everything from edge spall repair to masonry patching. Our masonry contractors can also reconstruct retaining walls and chimney repair to restore them back to their original state.

Masonry Repair
Brick Veneer installation

If you want to install an indoor or outdoor brick wall for less, you can try brick veneers. Using adhesive to mount thin brick tiles into traditional walls, we can emulate a brick surface’s look without you breaking the bank. Stone panels are another material you can choose for this type of project.

Is the mortar joint of your brick wall already receding? Through our tuckpointing services, we will replace the old mortar with a new one. Our masons are highly qualified and have the skills to match the new mortar’s color with the original one.

Tuck Pointing

Why Work with Premier Brick Mason Orlando?

Masonry is a craft that requires years to perfect. Unfortunately, not all brick mason in Oviedo, FL, have mastered this craft the same way that we did. Our company has served the community for years, and our clients can attest to our skills.

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