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No home is complete without a patio. It’s arguably everyone’s favorite spot in a house because of its cozy and relaxing ambiance. Premier Brick Mason Orlando is here to help if you ever need patio pavers to be installed or repaired in your porch or terrace.

Our brick masonry company specializes in patio flooring and other masonry services that will improve your yard’s look and functionality. We can transform your simple patio to one that can host lively outdoor barbecues and other get-togethers.

We have on our employ some of the best masonry contractors in Orlando who can do tuck pointing and repointing. They specialize not only in installing a retaining wall and functional brick veneers, but other masonry structures such as stone fire pits. Homeowners can choose from different styles like Spanish and Mediterranean, Traditional, Contemporary, Minimalist, and more.

What are Patio Pavers?

Pavers refer to concrete, natural stones, or clay bricks that are turned into smaller pieces for construction purposes. They vary in various patterns, colors, and textures, making them ideal for patio flooring and other masonry repair projects. Moreover, these materials are more durable than poured concrete. 

Each type of paver offers a different look that can enhance the beauty of your patio. Stones like granite, cobblestone, travertine, and basalt can give your backyard a natural view, especially when paired with a green lawn or other vegetation.

Patios usually require different kinds of pavers from the rest of your backyard. Patio pavers for flooring need to have the right smoothness since people will walk above it a lot. They also need to weather elements such as rain and heat. Fortunately, most pavers are known for withstanding seasonal changes and varying climates.

Patio Paver Installation Options

There are numerous steps involved when installing or repairing a patio paver. Contractors need to map out the patio area before they pour a gravel layer, level it with sand, layout the paver, and then fill the joints.

Most projects usually take less than a week to finish, but larger backyards may take more than that. The homeowner also can select what they think is the best material for their dream patios.

Some of the patio paver installation options include: 

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are known for their traditional appeal and are great if you live in moderate to hot climates. Brick flooring is easy to maintain, but you may also need to pull out some weed growing between them. They can also easily be washed using hydrogen peroxide or other readily available solutions like vinegar.

Gravel Pavers

Gravel is one of the most inexpensive materials you can use as a paver for your backyard. They can also be quickly installed in just a day or two and is an easy Do-It-Yourself project. However, gravel pavers don’t have a uniform surface and are prone to harsh elements, especially snow.

Concrete Pavers

Unlike gravel and stone patios, concrete pavers don't shift over time and are unaffected by the weather. They are also durable and come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. However, they are also vulnerable to cracks and chips, which can be challenging to fix. Concrete also gets slippery when it gets wet, which can be a concern if you have children.

Flagstone Pavers

Unlike bricks or concrete pavers, flagstones don’t have regularly repeated designs. Using thick stone slabs that are one to 3 inches thick, this type of pavers come in irregular shapes that can give your yard a unique appearance. However, flagstone can turn quite hot when exposed to sunlight for a long time.

Slate Pavers Patios

These patio pavers are made from natural stones and are perfect if you want an easy to maintain flooring options. Because they can be cut as rectangular tiles or come in irregular shapes, you can design them in several ways. However, installing them can be quite laborious and time-consuming much like other brick repair.

Patio Paver and Masonry Repair Services in Orlando

Aside from patios, pavers can also create walkways, pool decks, and outdoor kitchens. Driveway pavers also have several advantages: being eco-friendly, highly customizable, requiring low upkeep, and long-lasting.

If you ever find yourself needing to install a stone retaining wall or brick wall repair, Premier Brick Mason Orlando can help you. Our team is composed of brick mason, masonry contractors, and construction personnel who have done masonry repair services for years on projects like brick veneer installation and chimney repair.

We can also give you some solid advice on your patio’s design and how you can maintain them to prolong its lifespan. We also do fireplace brick repair, repointing brick and tuckpointing projects.  

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