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When it comes to building a retaining wall, Premier Brick Mason Orlando is second to none. Our masonry construction business prides itself on our ingenuity to build a stone retaining wall that can last a lifetime.

Installing a retaining wall is no easy feat, especially if you have little to no masonry knowledge. A poorly built stone retaining wall can risk damaging your property or be a disaster waiting to happen when it finally breaks down. You also need some brick repair work, such as repointing and tuckpointing, to extend its lifespan. 

Like Premier Brick Mason Orlando, hiring a professional masonry company can mitigate such risks and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our team of certified masonry contractors have years of experience in this line of work and are well-equipped to do any masonry work.

As one of Orlando’s leading masonry companies, we also offer brick wall repair as part of our various masonry services. Our expert brick mason can help you every step of the way from the design phase and until the last brick is placed. 

What is a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are essential in keeping the value and aesthetics of your property. These structures are designed to resist the soil’s lateral pressure and keep any material from sliding away. They are also built to provide a stable ground where houses or buildings can be erected even if they are on a slope.

Aside from preventing erosion and eventual shifts in soil, a retaining wall can also elevate your yard or garden’s aesthetics. Additionally, retaining walls are also created to reduce the maintenance of a terraced yard.

A brick masonry contractor may use materials other than conventional stones or bricks. Other materials include boulders, treated timber, interlocking blocks, stacked fieldstone, and brick veneer blocks.

There are numerous types of retaining walls based on their purpose. Among them are:

Gravity Walls

These are made with heavy materials such as large concrete blocks to resist pressure from behind the wall. They are usually under four feet high and lean back toward the soil without reinforcement.

Segmental Retaining Walls

In various residential and commercial applications, these walls are made from concrete modular blocks that are dry-stack without mortar—the blocks interlock with one another, which avoids sliding and overturning.

Panel Walls

Panel walls are placed in tight spaces, like highway ramps, to resist heavy loads. They can also be used in connecting panels made from precast concrete with steel reinforcement. Meanwhile, the face panels can be customized with architectural finishes that match the surrounding area.

Gabion Mesh Walls

This wall uses wire mesh boxes filled with rocks and stones that are angled back towards a slope. They are primarily used near streams and other bodies of water to prevent erosion. They usually last a life span or as long as the wires don't break from corrosion. Other types of retaining walls include cantilevered walls, bored pile walls, and counterfort walls. However, they are usually tall walls that are 20 feet or higher and are used mostly for commercial purposes. That being said, they all require repointing brick and tuck pointing work once in a while.

Where to Install a Retaining Wall?

If you purchased a property with varying soil levels or your home is situated in one, you need to consider installing a retaining wall. Moreover, houses erected in areas prone to soil erosion or landslides will also need a retaining wall for added safety measures.

Premier Brick Mason Orlando can help you decide the best location to build a retaining wall. Part of our masonry services includes carefully planning the best approach to maximize the retaining wall usage and other masonry structures. We also do brick veneer installation and chimney repair

Retaining Wall Services In Orlando

Building a retaining wall can be quite challenging since there are several things you need to consider. For example, the materials can significantly impact its durability and functionality. Meanwhile, other factors, such as the type of soil and its location, play a vital role in designing the wall.

Do you want to save yourself from all these troubles from fireplace brick repair and such? Then, hiring a masonry repair services firm like Premier Brick Mason Orlando is your best option. We guarantee top quality retaining wall and driveway pavers installation with minimal disruption to your everyday schedule.

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Our masonry specialists and professional designers will recommend only the most efficient retaining wall setups that fit your budget. We also work following the particular building laws of any county or municipality in Orlando.

If you need a retaining wall or any other masonry structures like brick pavers and patio pavers to be built in your property contact Premier Brick Mason Orlando. Get your no obligation quote today.

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