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Even if brick houses are meant to last for hundreds of years, they aren’t exempted from wear and tear. Chimneys, brick walls, and brick mailboxes need to be maintained through a series of tuckpointing or brick pointing.

If you ever notice any recessed joints or stress cracks appearing on your retaining wall, you may want to call a mason to repair it. Premier Brick Mason Orlando is one of Florida’s most renowned masonry companies that can help you preserve any brick structure.

Our brick masonry company comprises local masonry contractors who are trained and well-equipped to take on any masonry work such as brick wall repair. We also do chimney repair, brick repair, and repointing brick  at reasonable prices.  

What is Tuck Pointing?

Tuck Pointing is an essential mortar repair technique that can prolong your masonry exterior bricks and chimney’s lifespan. It involves removing and refilling the damaged mortar in the gaps of blocks, stone, brick, and other masonry surfaces.

It is recommended that brick buildings need to get brick pointing maintenance once every 20 to 30 years. However, some structures, like chimneys, may need fireplace brick repair sooner than later.

Brick structures that aren’t maintained through tuckpointing and other masonry repair services are prone to permanent damage. Chimneys can lean over because of water damage from rain and snow. Paying no mind to the signs of deterioration may result in tearing down the whole section, which is a more expensive option.

There are two types of masonry services that fall under this category. They may either use:

Solid Tuck Pointing

Refers to the process of entire tuckpointing walls or concrete sections to completely seal off any possible holes where moisture can seep in.

Spot Tuck Pointing

The process involves patching specific cracks or major open holes of a stone retaining wall or brick pavers. This type of tuckpointing is the cheaper option as it does not touch the mortar that is still in great shape. Driveway pavers and patio pavers can benefit the most from this repair.

How Masons Tuck Point a Brick Surface

Tuckpointing may be simple, but it can be quite a daunting task for those who have little to no construction work experience. While mason projects may require different approaches, there are some fundamental steps that masons do when tuckpointing.

  • The bricks’ joint or mortar is removed using tools like a grinder saw, chisel, and hammer. About an inch of the joint needs to be removed.
  • Next, a tuckpointing bag is used to fill the mortar joint. This bag looks like an icing bag used on pastries.
  • The mason has to wait a few hours for the mortar to set. Several factors, such as the type of brick and the weather, can affect how fast it will settle.
  • Afterwhich, a finishing tool is used to shape the joints. The mason can decide whether to use standard finishes like a flush or a v-shaped joint.
  • Finally, they will use a mason’s brush to brush off the bricks and remove the dust.

One of the most challenging parts of tuckpointing is matching the new mortar’s color to that of the original one. Only a few brick mason have this unique skill. The tuckpointing result, with regards to the color matching, can be observed about two weeks after the project.

Tuck Pointing vs. Repointing

People often get confused between tuckpointing and repointing to the point that they are the same. While the processes involved in this masonry maintenance are the same, they do have some distinct differences.

Tuckpointing changes the layer of old mortar joints while repointing goes a step further. Repointing a stone wall or brick structure involves removing the old mortar before adding a new one, making it more expensive.

Regardless of the option you choose, both can give any brick surface a fresh new look while strengthening the mortar. Tuckpointing and repointing can also be done on other masonry structures such as driveway pavers, patio pavers, and even brick veneer.

Tuck Pointing Services in Orlando

Florida is known to have one of the driest climates in the US, which can be a factor why your brick structure frequently needs maintenance. If you ever need tuckpointing service in Orlando, Premier Brick Mason Orlando got you covered.

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