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Bricks and stones remain as the preferred building materials for classy residences and business establishments. Even the town of Windermere, FL, seems to have a fascination with masonry structures.

At Premier Brick Mason, we offer our clients masonry repair and installation services. We continue the proud tradition of masons and believe that brick and stone structures should be preserved so that the next generation can also enjoy them.

Masonry Services We Offer in Windermere

Retaining Wall

Patio pavers

Driveway pavers

Brick mailbox

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation

Tuck Pointing

Our company offers a long list of brick masonry construction and mortar repair services. Our team of hardworking masonry contractors can do masonry crack repair and fireplace brick repair at reasonable prices.

Some of the other popular masonry services that we offer for residents of Windermere, FL, and nearby areas include:

Repairing or building a retaining wall can be quite taxing, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Hiring a professional company such as ours can mitigate several construction-related risks and give you the peace of mind. Let us build a stone retaining wall that will last for generations to come.

stone retaining wall enclosing patio area
Patio pavers

Pavers refer to clay bricks, natural stones, concrete, and clay bricks turned into smaller pieces. They can be used for construction purposes on driveways and patio pavers. Our company can construct and repair patio flooring. With our masonry services, you can now have a cozy outdoor spot with a relaxing ambiance with a floor installed with brick pavers in your color and style.

Are you looking to get your driveway reconstructed? Our masonry construction company installs and repairs driveway pavers from cobblestone to brick flooring. Furthermore, you can choose the colors, textures, and design of the pavers that best compliments your yard’s aesthetics.

Driveway pavers.
Brick mailbox

Who wouldn’t love to have a brick mailbox in their front yard? If you need one constructed in your property, we can make it happen. Our masons are adept at making different brick mailbox designs such as flat brick top, steeple top, standard arch, and more. The base can also have classic designs such as quoin corners and spiral base.

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Masonry structures require varying repair techniques depending on the type of damage. Edge spall repair, for example, uses a partial-depth patch to repair main cracks. Meanwhile, brick chimney repairs may require repointing brick or replacing the damaged parts altogether.

Masonry Repair
Brick Veneer installation

Our company can also install brick veneer as a more affordable option for those who want a brick wall within their property. By integrating cut thin brick tiles or stone panels into dry panels, you can now have a brick wall without breaking the bank. You can also choose traditional brick siding if you have an extra budget.  

Also called brick pointing, this process involves removing and replacing the old mortar with a newer one. One of the main challenges for this type of work is matching the original battery’s colors and its replacement. Very few masons have this ability, and we are confident our staff is among the few.

Tuck Pointing

Why Work with Premier Brick Mason Orlando?

Brick structures are not easy to construct or repair, especially if you don’t have the right persons for the job. Premier Brick Mason Orlando has been in the masonry business for years and has acquired a long list of satisfied clients that can vouch for us.

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